Rating: 66/100%

1. Christian Bale is a blue collar guy in small-town PA. His father is sick, his brother needs guidance, but an accident sends Bale to jail.

2. Apparently, this film has upset some people.

3. Two scenes kill this movie: 1). plot hinges on a cell phone accidentally dialing a co-worker, 2). “family” dinner w/ Bale’s ex & her cop boyfriend (what??).

4. #OutOfTheFurnace had high hopes, but scored zero #Oscar Noms. Great acting & contains some strong scenes, but weak script holds it down.


Rating: 60/100%

1. It’s 1970′s Texas. Husband & wife are failed small-time crooks. Husband is sent to jail, while wife delivers 1st baby. Can he live w/o them?

2. If this film was a cake it’d be #BonnieAndClyde, topped w/ Terrence Malick icing.

3. Terrific cast with Rooney Mara, Casey Affleck & (a subdued) Ben Foster.

4. #Ain’tThemBodiesSaints is a delight to look at (thus the Malick reference), but it fails to engage. As the film slowly dragged along, I slowly lost interest.


Rating: 26/100%

1. 9 yrs later, Ron Burgundy & the gang return to your TV, this time at GNN (a 24-hr cable news network).

2. #Anchorman2 wastes an opp for sharp commentary on TV news by flooding film w missed jokes, nonsensical scenes (Brick funeral & Doby the shark??), & over-the-top performances.

3. Every character is an unpleasant caricature, although Brick wins for being the worst. What’s with all of the LOUD NOISES (ie: yelling, howling, screeching for laughs)?

4. #Anchorman got better w/ age & re-watches, but that’s not possible here. #Anchorman2 is 1 of the 3 worst movies I’ve seen in 2013.


kill your darlings#KillYourDarlings
Rating: 71/100%

1. How the Beat Generation was born. Allen Ginsberg attends Columbia & meets Lucien Carr, William Burroughs & Jack Kerouac.

2. Based on a true story: Carr is haunted by his past & sort-of stalker (David Kammerer). It ends with prison time.

3. Film does good job w/ 1940′s setting, which makes a couple of musical choices feel out of place (ie: #TVOnTheRadio during break-in scene).

4. Since reading Kerouac’s #OnTheRoad, I’ve been intrigued by Beat Generation. Have enjoyed seeing it portrayed on film w #Howl, #OnTheRoad & even #InsideLlewynDavis.


Rating: 84/100%

1. After 4 yrs, a man returns to Paris to grant his estranged wife a divorce. It’s there he meets her new fiancé & stumbles into a secret.

2. Beautiful, brilliant final tracking shot leaves haunting last impression.

3. Director Asghar Farhadi, whose 2011 film #ASeparation won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language film, understands family drama.

4. KNEW I recognized that face: Berenice Bejo stars as Marie. Bejo didn’t say a word as Peppy Miller in 2011 Best Picture #TheArtist.

5. #ThePast is a strong foreign drama. Surprised it wasn’t Nominated for Best Foreign Language film.



Rating: 82/100%

1. Katniss & Peeta’s unprecedented win in the 74th Hunger Games has sparked a rebellion. This makes President Snow quite upset.

2. #TheHungerGames was the 1st film I reviewed for this site (2 yrs ago). It’s not necessary to re-watch, but it wouldn’t hurt.

3. How does Katniss always have arrows?

4. Sets up nicely for a Part 3 (& apparently a Part 4). Except, Philip Seymour Hoffman wasn’t finished filming when he died in Feb. So, he’ll have to be digitally recreated.


runner runner#RunnerRunner
Rating: 47/100%

1. Ben Affleck runs online gambling site worth millions. JT believes site is rigged. JT flies to Costa Rica & tells Ben this. Ben hires JT.

2. I liked #RunnerRunner better when it was called #BoilerRoom.

3. #RunnerRunner wants to be an action-packed, sexy thriller. But, it lacks intelligence & is full of holes.


Rating: 59/100%

1. Based on true story of the Beltway sniper attacks around DC in 2002. WHO are the 2 men responsible & HOW did they get here?

2. Psychological manipulation of a lost teen searching for a father-figure.

3. Dark. Gloomy. Brooding.

4. It’s not about the Beltway sniper attacks (rather the messed up relationship), but #BlueCaprice speeds too fast to an ending. Wanted more details.


Rating: 81/100%

1. Based on the 1970′s F1 rivalry between complete opposites James Hunt & Niki Lauda.

2. Characters are portrayed equally; we see their successes & flaws. This allows audience to stay neutral without picking sides.

3. Dialogue is a bit cliche’, but fast-paced racing scenes & strong character development make this a winner. Addition of real footage at the end is superb.

4. Ron Howard directs. #Rush is better than I expected in a #Warrior (2011) kind of way.


Rating: 79/100%

1. Jon is a young, confident guy. He loves his family, church, gym, hooking up w girls… & watching porn.

2. Dramedy is about addiction & how porn can pollute one’s realistic expectations of a relationship.

3. Like an R-rated, extended episode of #JerseyShore only it’s not: much funnier & doesn’t lose its soul.

4. Written, Directed by & starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. #DonJon is rewarding, but beware, this is not a film for everyone.