Rating: 71/100%

1. Dark (loose) interpretation of the famous Biblical story Noah & the Ark.

2. BEST: Brings human element to old narrative: Noah is conflicted, he questions, but he relies on his faith.

3. Plenty of CGI & action. Wanted less Transformers & more personal drama.

4. If you’re looking for a word-for-word re-enactment of Genesis story, this is not it. #Noah’s gone Hollywood, but (thankfully) it provides the human struggle we’re looking for.


Rating: 81/100%

1. Three radical environmentalists work to execute their plan of blowing up a hydroelectric dam.

2. Long stretches without dialogue helps slowly build tension.

3. Wonder if it’s based on the 2011 (Academy Award nominated) documentary of the Earth Liberation Front, #IfATreeFalls?

4. If you’re looking for a non-shoot-em-up thriller, #NightMoves is a smart, detailed, engrossing option.


Rating: 42/100%

1. Jason Bateman is a man. He’s 40. And, he’s competing against kids in the National Spelling Bee because he found a loophole. But, why?

2. It’s pretty convenient that Bateman’s a “genius” who never passed 8th grade. What’s he been doing for 25 yrs?

3. I’d have to think the mainstream media would be all over this guy, right?

4. #BadWords is an uncomfortable, mean comedy that fails in its (minor) attempt at heart. With nice-guy Bateman involved, it feels all wrong.


Rating: 33/100%

1. Elizabeth Banks’ is a popular LA News Anchor who gets lost/stuck on the streets after a night of partying.

2. Remember when Ron Burgundy yells “I’ve got to do the News!” while running late in #Anchorman? This is a longer, non-funny version of that.

3. Hate to compare it to #MeetTheParents (which I liked), but strives for a similar style of humor: “then this bad thing happened to a good person.”

4. Elizabeth Banks does her best, but #WalkOfShame is pretty bad in every way. Oddly, it’s still somehow better than its trailer.


Rating: 67/100%

1. It’s NFL Draft Day & Browns GM Kevin Costner has been in a coma for 6 months because he has no plan & hasn’t scouted the top picks yet.

2. It’s like Jerry Maguire (Bo vs Cushman at #1) only it’s Diet Maguire because it’s not nearly as memorable.

3. Not sure how appropriate it is for 2 Managers to go alone into a locked closet numerous times a day.

4. Despite manufactured dialogue & a convenient storyline, #DraftDay remains somewhat fun. The more you know about the NFL, the less realistic it’ll seem.


Rating: 77/100%

1. Based on the Marvel Comic: a gang of space beings (a human, a tree, a raccoon) unite with the common goal of saving the universe.

2. Peter’s “Awesome Mix” tape makes for a great soundtrack. The music plays an important role, inducing a variety of emotions throughout.

3. Chris Pratt is on fire & quickly rising up my Favorite Minnesotan list. Within last 3 yrs Pratt’s done: #Moneyball, #ZeroDarkThirty, #Her, #TheLegoMovie & #Parks&Rec.

4. Admittedly, I’m not a huge fantasy or sci-fi fan, but #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy adds heart to its quirkiness.


blue ruin#BlueRuin
Rating: 80/100%

1. A homeless man is out for revenge when the guy who murdered his parents is released from prison.

2. Very little dialogue throughout. Dwight (main character) doesn’t speak until about 20 mins in.

3. Brooding & intense. Film portrays real violence from real characters. Raises questions about gun control in this country.

4. Modern day Hatfields vs McCoys feud. #BlueRuin is streaming on #Netflix.


Rating: 89/100%

1. Instead of turning left at a stop light, Tom Hardy chooses to go right. His decision will change his life.

2. 85 (thrilling) minutes of phone calls & self reflection, all set inside Hardy’s BMW.

3. Asks the tough question: would you do the moral/right thing even if it meant it’d ruin your life?

4. Reminded me of the underrated #Buried (2010, starring Ryan Reynolds).

5. Both captivating & thought-provoking, I had anxiety just watching #Locke.


Rating: 65/100%

1. A plane is hijacked. Thankfully, Liam Neeson is on it.

2. Only thing missing is the snakes.

3. Lupita Nyong’o has like 3 lines in this & she just won Best Supporting Actress for #12YearsASlave.

4. Hmmm… no IT guy ever wears a 3-piece suit & what a perfect place for an airport!

5. Easy, mindless action movie.


Rating: 82/100%

1. Jake Gyllenhaal discovers his Doppelgänger in a movie. Thing is, the actor looks EXACTLY like him & this begins to control his thoughts.

2. Has that eerie, suspenseful Hitchcock tone.

3. Strong use of symbolism: spiders (is Jake caught in a web?) & speeches on Totalitarian rule (does Jake feel oppressed?).

4. #Enemy is not to be taken literally; it’s a battle for “freedom of responsibility.” A worthy thriller from 2014.