Rating: 77/100%

1. Based on the Marvel Comic: a gang of space beings (a human, a tree, a raccoon) unite with the common goal of saving the universe.

2. Peter’s “Awesome Mix” tape makes for a great soundtrack. The music plays an important role, inducing a variety of emotions throughout.

3. Chris Pratt is on fire & quickly rising up my Favorite Minnesotan list. Within last 3 yrs Pratt’s done: #Moneyball, #ZeroDarkThirty, #Her, #TheLegoMovie & #Parks&Rec.

4. Admittedly, I’m not a huge fantasy or sci-fi fan, but #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy adds heart to its quirkiness.


blue ruin#BlueRuin
Rating: 80/100%

1. A homeless man is out for revenge when the guy who murdered his parents is released from prison.

2. Very little dialogue throughout. Dwight (main character) doesn’t speak until about 20 mins in.

3. Brooding & intense. Film portrays real violence from real characters. Raises questions about gun control in this country.

4. Modern day Hatfields vs McCoys feud. #BlueRuin is streaming on #Netflix.


Rating: 89/100%

1. Instead of turning left at a stop light, Tom Hardy chooses to go right. His decision will change his life.

2. 85 (thrilling) minutes of phone calls & self reflection, all set inside Hardy’s BMW.

3. Asks the tough question: would you do the moral/right thing even if it meant it’d ruin your life?

4. Reminded me of the underrated #Buried (2010, starring Ryan Reynolds).

5. Both captivating & thought-provoking, I had anxiety just watching #Locke.


Rating: 65/100%

1. A plane is hijacked. Thankfully, Liam Neeson is on it.

2. Only thing missing is the snakes.

3. Lupita Nyong’o has like 3 lines in this & she just won Best Supporting Actress for #12YearsASlave.

4. Hmmm… no IT guy ever wears a 3-piece suit & what a perfect place for an airport!

5. Easy, mindless action movie.


Rating: 82/100%

1. Jake Gyllenhaal discovers his Doppelgänger in a movie. Thing is, the actor looks EXACTLY like him & this begins to control his thoughts.

2. Has that eerie, suspenseful Hitchcock tone.

3. Strong use of symbolism: spiders (is Jake caught in a web?) & speeches on Totalitarian rule (does Jake feel oppressed?).

4. #Enemy is not to be taken literally; it’s a battle for “freedom of responsibility.” A worthy thriller from 2014.


Rating: 95/100%

1. #Boyhood follows a young boy (& his family) over a 12 yr span, from Elementary-High School. Seriously. They shot every year for 12 yrs.

2. This is NOT a documentary (like the #Up series). It’s a film… with actors. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. We watch as Mason (Ellar Coltrane) grows up right before our eyes.

3. Also works as a catalogue of pop culture, using music & technology to help place it.

4. Set in Texas & Directed by Richard Linklater (who’s from Houston & lives in Austin). Was Linklater’s focus ALWAYS on the boy or did that evolve over time?

5. You’ll laugh, wince, reflect, & (prob) cry. As a son & soon-to-be father to a boy, #Boyhood made me feel all 4 of those and more.


Rating: 88/100%

1. The LEGO universe is in trouble. But, ordinary Emmet stumbles onto an important piece, making him “special.” He MUST save his people.

2. Setting is built (nearly) entirely of LEGO’s (via computers). Characters & action (ie: fires) move robotically, which gives film style & humor.

3. Plot set-up reminds of George Orwell’s #1984 (with Lord Business always watching), but unfolds in an action-comedy #Ocean’sEleven feel.

4. Great cast of voices: Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, #TheLEGOMovie is terrific for both kids & adults.


Rating: 69/100%

1. Robot officers rule the streets overseas, but they’re banned in the US. Until OmniCorp creates a half-man, half-robot cop… ROBOCOP.

2. Never saw the original, but my impression was it was a crappy 80′s action film. Apparently, it’s a biting satire disguised as such.

3. 2014 remake is similar: packed with PG-13 action, but has feeling & a purpose.

4. #RoboCop falls into the “better than it’s purposefully bad title” category, along with #HotTubTimeMachine.


Rating: 63/100%

1. #SonOfGod was adapted from the 10-hr miniseries #TheBible, which aired on the History Channel in 2013.

2. Basically a re-enactment of Jesus’ miracles & messages, and ultimately his crucifixion & resurrection.

3. Perfect caricature of Jesus, but lacks thought & feeling. It’s more a collection of scenes than a movie. Felt like I’d seen this before.


Rating: 78/100%

1. Joe’s constantly battling his inner demons, but he finds good in a 15-year-old boy who’s looking for work, help & a father figure.

2. Set in poverty, small-town Texas. Are Deep South stories a thing now?

3. Reminded me of last year’s #Mud (stars same kid Tye Sheridan) w/ a small dark twist of #KillerJoe. Opening scene seemed out of place.

4. Man, it’s been awhile since Nicolas Cage produced hits. #Joe isn’t mainstream, but it’s Cage’s best performance since…. ?