Rating: 69/100%

1. Robot officers rule the streets overseas, but they’re banned in the US. Until OmniCorp creates a half-man, half-robot cop… ROBOCOP.

2. Never saw the original, but my impression was it was a crappy 80′s action film. Apparently, it’s a biting satire disguised as such.

3. 2014 remake is similar: packed with PG-13 action, but has feeling & a purpose.

4. #RoboCop falls into the “better than it’s purposefully bad title” category, along with #HotTubTimeMachine.


Rating: 63/100%

1. #SonOfGod was adapted from the 10-hr miniseries #TheBible, which aired on the History Channel in 2013.

2. Basically a re-enactment of Jesus’ miracles & messages, and ultimately his crucifixion & resurrection.

3. Perfect caricature of Jesus, but lacks thought & feeling. It’s more a collection of scenes than a movie. Felt like I’d seen this before.


Rating: 78/100%

1. Joe’s constantly battling his inner demons, but he finds good in a 15-year-old boy who’s looking for work, help & a father figure.

2. Set in poverty, small-town Texas. Are Deep South stories a thing now?

3. Reminded me of last year’s #Mud (stars same kid Tye Sheridan) w/ a small dark twist of #KillerJoe. Opening scene seemed out of place.

4. Man, it’s been awhile since Nicolas Cage produced hits. #Joe isn’t mainstream, but it’s Cage’s best performance since…. ?


Rating: 59/100%

1. Small-town Doug is having a mid-life crisis: his wife ignores him, his kid’s a trouble-maker & he’s not respected at work. And, then he meets the lonely Elizabeth.

2. Good guy Doug (Sam Rockwell) forgets his morals fairly quickly. Wanted more of an internal dilemma.

3. Jane Fonda’s Narrator is unnecessary & bizarre.

4. #BetterLivingThroughChemistry plays around with prescription drugs, but fails to fully challenge itself. Rockwell earns the film some points.


Rating: 81/100%

1. The late 80′s Detroit Pistons are the (mostly) forgotten NBA champs. This is THEIR story, from THEIR perspective.

2. ESPN documentary interviews nearly everyone, asking tough questions to Isiah Thomas & Bill Laimbeer.

3. Terrific mix of sports, interviews & narration (Kid Rock!). But, it doesn’t forget to build the characters, which helps us (finally) understand these 80′s Bad Boys.

4. Superb sports storytelling (as usual with these #30For30′s). This documentary is streaming on #Netflix.


Rating: 72/100%

1. Local radio station is taken over by new ownership & then a disgruntled former employee. Only DJ Alan Partridge can be trusted… or can he?

2. Alan Partridge character was created by Steve Coogan in the 90′s & is (somewhat) popular in UK.

3. Reminded me of a funny version of #Airheads w/ sprinkles of #Network.

4. Silly comedy, but with some smart dialogue. Worth a watch.


Rating: 22/100%

1. Robert De Niro hires John Cusack (apparently his most trusted gunman) to pick up a bag for him. But, DON’T look in the bag.

2. Cusack walks from his motel door to the bathroom & finds time to kill 11 men w/o anyone noticing. There, that’s the movie.

3. Reminded me of 2003′s #Identity, which also starred Cusack. Only #Identity was pretty good as opposed to this dumpster fire.

4. Nearly turned #TheBagMan off… twice. Will be in the running for Worst Movie of 2014.


Rating: 44/100%

1. Based (loosely) on true story: group of men tasked w/ finding & saving art b4 Hitler destroys it all during WWII.

2. Has an #Ocean’sEleven feel to start, but not nearly half as engaging.

3. Too many characters & film fails to fully invest in any of them.

4. Directed by George Clooney, #TheMonumentsMen is more like #Leatherheads than #GoodNight,AndGoodLuck.


Rating: 62/100%

1. Josh Brolin has escaped from prison & kinda/sorta kidnaps Kate Winslet & her son. While he hides from the police, a relationship builds.

2. Based on 2009 novel, this feels like it’d work better as a book. Reminded me of 2006′s #LittleChildren (also starring Winslet).

3. For someone scared of her own shadow, Winslet is awfully quick to trust this convicted stranger.

4. #LaborDay is directed by Jason Reitman (#Juno, #UpInTheAir, #ThankYouForSmoking).


Top 10 #Movies Of 2013

I eased up a little this year.

82 movies from the year 2013, which is down from last year (101) & the year before (86).

But, this was planned; I cut out some of the garbage because, well, #TrueDetective exists.

Here are my 4 Major guidelines for determining the Top 10:
1. Overall greatness: originality, story, character development, cinematography.
2. Is it worthy of discussion?
3. Re-watchablility (I realize this is a little flawed as only time decides that).
4. Lasting impression: does it linger with you for days?

TOP 10 #MOVIES OF 2013.
10. #ThisIsTheEnd (77%)
-Never seen anything close to this: a raunchy horror-comedy packed w religious themes.

9. #AmericanHustle (84%)
-Like some sort of #Argo, #SilverLiningsPlaybook & #Goodfellas mash-up.

thespectacularnow8. #TheSpectacularNow (83%)
-Best HS movie of year. Flips cliche’d genre on its head w/ bad boy influencing good girl.

7. #Philomena (83%)
-Both sweet & sad. This odd couple pairing sparks deep religious conversations.

6. #Gravity (92%)
-If #CastAway & #Buried got married, #Gravity would be their talented kid.

prisoners5. #Prisoners (85%)
-#SilenceOfTheLambs with a LARGE scoop of #MysticRiver.

4. #Her (89%)
-Original futuristic love story poses many challenging thoughts.

3. #InsideLlewynDavis (93%)
-Modern day musical. Characters don’t stop to sing & dance, rather folk music is creatively positioned.

2. #Nebraska (94%)
-Is it better to forget painful memories or be forced to re-live them?

12yearsaslave1. #12YearsASlave (97%)
-Uncompromising in exposing the brutal horrors of this American atrocity.

**97% is the highest score I’ve given out in my two years of this blog**


-#WhatMaisieKnew (84%)
-#SavingMr.Banks (84%)
-#TheWayWayBack (81%)
-#ShortTerm12 (82%)
-#TheHunt (82%)

#AWARDS OF 2013.
Best Surprise: #Rush (81%)
Best Documentary: #Room237 (88%)
Worst: #Anchorman2 (26%)
2nd Worst: #IdentityThief (23%)
Most Overrated: #TheWolfOfWallStreet (69%)
Don’t Judge Me, I Liked These: #TheGreatGatsby (76%), #OnTheRoad (74%)
Best Tracking Shot: #ThePast (84%)
2nd Best Tracking Shot: #ThePlaceBeyondThePines (82%)